Tips to Raise Money

Use your participant center

Your participant center will allow you to customize your personal page, where you can share your story, post a picture, and email your friends and family.  Click for a great example of a personal page. Here are short instructions to personalize your page and send out emails. There is a more detailed guide in your participant center, and you can always email or call the TGen Foundation office 602.343.8411 for assistance.

     To edit your personal page:

     1.  You have to log into your participant center. After you register, make sure you are logged in with your user ID and password.  You are logged in if it says in the upper right hand corner: Welcome “your name”.  It will have the User ID and Password fields blank if you are not logged in.  If you forgot your username and password, click on “forgot password”
     2.  When are you logged in, click on the words “Participant Center”
     3.  Click on the “Personal Page” tab and it will take you to the personal page.
     4.  You can edit the title and change it from the Default “Welcome to my Cycle Page” to make it more personal
     5.  You can add your story to the body.  It already includes sample text and you can customize it.
     6.  To Save it, you have to click the “Save” button.
     7.  You can add a photo or a video, by clicking on the right side, where it says “Photos/Video”.
     8.  You can select the photos and browse your computer for the picture. Make sure you click the “Save/Upload” button to save it.

     To Send Email

     1.  When you are logged in and in your participant center, click on the "Email" tab.
     2.  Type the email address in the "To" field.
     3.  You can click on "Use a Template" to use one of the pre-written emails that we have put in there for you, or you can type a brand new one, or you can edit the template.
     4.  When it's ready to send, you can press "send" to send it to your friends and family, or you can save it as a draft to send later, or you can save it as your own personal template.

There are even more detailed guides in your participant center to help you raise money for cancer research and hit your fundraising goals.

Use Social Media

     * Connect with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram.  Ask for donations, send out updates and pictures, thank your friends who donated there.  

     *  Click here for a guide with even more ways to use Facebook to help you fundraise.