Cycle for the Cure 2017 at Studio 360

My Cancer Story

We all have one.  Or at least it seems that more and more of us do every day.  I had been lucky enough to avoid being affected by cancer until last year, when my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  When he started having symptoms, he mentioned them casually during his routine annual physical.  It is for that reason that his doctor tested his PSA, as he was otherwise too young to be routinely tested.  When his test came back elevated, she referred him to a urologist, still placating our concerns by explaining that there were a number of different perfectly benign explanations for his test result.  One month, and one painful biopsy later, we found ourselves sitting in the urologist's office still convinced that we would leave with a clean bill of health.  We never expected to hear the words, "you have cancer."  Not at his age, and not for a long time anyway.  We were, after all, basically newlyweds at that point, having just passed our second wedding anniversary.  What followed those three little awful words, were months of second, third, and google opinions on what the treatment options were, followed by surgery, complications, a painful recovery with more complications, and finally some healing.  

Enter T Gen - I was invited to be a T Gen ambassador earlier this year and although I'd heard of it, I'd never really understood what the T Gen scientists did, until I went to my first event and actually met some of them.  They do the research.  Research that I could have never appreciated as much as I do now.  Research on developing "liquid" biopsies to diagnose a variety of cancers without anything more than a blood test.  Gone would be the painful, invasive, surgical biopsies just to tell a patient their clinical stage.  Their research is patient driven and 100% of the money I raise for them goes to that research.  Yes, you read that correctly 100 percent.  None of your money or mine will go to fund parties or administrative salaries.  It's all for the science and their science is something I believe is critical for our future, one we hope will not be as riddled with cancer as our present and our past.  

So please join me in riding for T Gen or make a simply donation to help me reach my goal!