Cycle for the Cure 2017 at Camelback

Hope Through Hollis

We have accepted the Cycle for the Cure challenge and are part of 250 men and women who will ride on Sunday, May 7th to show our dedication to fight cancer.

Please consider cycling with us to support TGen's early detection efforts for cancer.

We are specifically riding to help fund their DIPG Atlas project. DIPG is a brain cancer that kills 300 - 500 kids in America each year. There is less than 1% survival rate and the average life expectancy after diagnosis is 9 months. This horrible cancer took the life of our friend, 7 year old Hollis Doherty, so we ride with passion and purpose.

At the heart of TGen's research efforts is the goal of improving patient care by delivering a personalized approach - one that looks at an individual's genetic makeup and then consults with physicians to give treatment based on your individual genetic profile, resulting in improved patient response.

If you can't cycle with us, then we hope you will consider making a gift to support our participation by clicking the 'Support Me' button.

No matter how small or large, your generous donation helps in the mission to find a cure and help us reach our goal of raising $200,000 to fund early detection efforts for cancer.

Thank you for supporting us!

Hope Through Hollis - Join Team Raised
Shawnee Doherty $2,450.00
Linda Abele $250.00
Julia Arambula $1,000.00
Erica Endicott $500.00
Syleste Knudson $325.00
Lindsey Kohrt $400.00
Jocelyn McAlpin $200.00
Carrie McCahan $725.00
Ashley Ryan $300.00
Christina Spicer $300.00
Comfycozys for Chemo Tallman $250.00
Audra Tiffany $290.00
Team Gifts $875.00
Denotes a Team Captain